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Welcome to my New Website.

Elegant & Sophisticated is different, there is no other website like this one, it is the first nylon themed Picture / Story site. Online already 15 years it was time to rebuild our website .

Claudine said right at the start “I think great sex is 75% mental and 25% physical. It seemed to me that most sites had simply given up on the 75% part. So I saw a great opportunity to give the thinking man and woman, people like you and me, a place to exercise our “grey matter!”

 Every week we produce a new story acted out to a script with the captions to the story added after shooting, a long process. Each week our Members enjoy the use of Claudine’s Chateau and grounds, her designer wardrobe and her vast collection of vintage and modern stockings.

As a Member you can choose to view seamed or unseamed stockings plus archives and video clips.

If you find intelligent eroticism stimulating then your search is over.

Weekly News Update

  • January 28th, 2015

    As you can see from the last two sample pictures Katy Minchin their ever so respected school teacher is forced to undress for her willing helpers and ends up with more than she bargained for! This is tomorrows new story.

    My Membership prices will have to go back to the original price very soon so if you are thinking of joining now is the time, if you stay a member this price stays too just $24.99 or €19.99 euros!

  • January 25th, 2015

    As Promised I have just loaded a new video clip for visitors at the bottom of the free preview page, on the Members side I have another new video “After the Staff Party” where the boss’s wife is appreciated by a staff member as her husband lays asleep in another room after drinking too much whisky!

  • January 24th, 2015

    I have just added some new pictures in the free preview page, I will be updating the video too probably tomorrow as I need to update Nylon-Therapy’s gallery too. In the coming month we restart shooting sets with stories I hope will tickle your tonsils, Now most of the hassles of opening up these new sites are almost over January has been turbulent to say the least with so called business people running away from their responsibilities…..they make me so angry, I will be adding some more archive sets gradually over the coming months. This site has already been stocked with well over 10.000 pictures so I think there is enough to keep you occupied for a while! LOL

  • January 21st, 2015

    This weeks story is about naive trust in other people, Sandrine has worked for Dr Gupta for some time, she knows he looks at her, she has caught him several times, he gives her a packet of cash every month on top of her salary for delivering envelopes to other business acquaintances of his she never asks why.Then for one of those unexplained reasons he tells her that he really likes her stockings that day and then one thing leads to another! This weeks new story is posted, Dr Gupta, featuring cardigans that need to be unbuttoned which I thought many of you will appreciate and the stockings ofcourse! I will try and get another video clip online either today or over the weekend.

  • January 18th, 2015

    I decided to change next weeks story and save the other one for when i have to go away for a few weeks for my real work!
    Dr Gupta has a very busy Indian food import business, he lost his wife to illness a year ago and Sandrine who works as his confident cum secretary feels sorry for him, she feels he has lost his sparkle. Several times a month she is asked to collect and deliver small packages/ envelopes from various people, she never asks why which Dr Gupta appreciates her need to not know what is inside these packages. Every month he gives her an envelope of cash, a lot of cash, he thanks her for her work, she is paid by salary so this money she assumes is for doing these extra services for him, whatever the money is very welcome for her holidays and generally buying herself nice things. Then one friday afternoon she is sitting on his desk discussing the weekend and he says to her ” You know Sandrine I have always admired your legs please forgive me this indiscretion but I had to know how your stockings felt, they always look so enticing, I just have to know how they feel!” Then Sandrine discovers another of his fantasies! Don’t miss this one, certainly far more spice than any of his curries!

  • January 16th, 2015

    I have added 3 new galleries on my Friends Page..enjoy!

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Upcoming Updates

The School Storeroom

January 29th, 2015

Mrs Katy Minchin is a strict disciplinarian even her clothes suggest that she is strict! The boys at the school still fantasize about her particularly her seamed stockings and high heels, wouldn't they all love to see all of her legs! Katy has summoned two boys to help her sort out a delivery to a local charity shop, a pet project for her, she treats the boys as if they are her personal slaves, but there is a lot of speculation that she is benefiting somehow! If the boys discover her secret, what will be the price for their silence?...