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The Elegant & Sophisticated original concept was to show viewers something completely different, a woman who is well groomed, beautifully dressed and ofcourse who wears real vintage nylon stockings and expensive pantyhose, her lingerie is ofcourse the very best Lise Charmel and Aubade. The second element was to add plausible stories to our picture sets so that you see the storyline unfold as you view. The third element to our concept is where we create these stories, we use our own houses which are as you will see very large old properties with lots of character and style, add to that the expensive cars principally Jaguars and 40' long (12 metres) horse transporters all belong to us occasionally we hire other houses or cars for a special photo shoot. We know when you visit this site it is about your viewing pleasure, we take that very seriously to bring you the teasing stories we hope you will enjoy and appreciate.

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Lost Crew Bag

 Emma mislaid her crew bag on her last stopover here, losing any baggage with an airline is a pain but she has more than one reason to be concerned! Emma enjoys light bondage and back home she cannot find anywhere to satisfy her needs except when she visits this island where she found a man who she can trust to abuse her nicely! She got an email telling her that her bag had been found and to meet up to retrieve it, she was so relieved if this got out amongst the crew or the company she doesn't know how she would cope with the embarrassment. Her directions took her to a building on the perimeter of the airport which didn't seem odd as most lost luggage places are out of the airport complex.

There are 128 pictures in this story.

The Expatriate Teacher

 Heather Briant fancied teaching abroad, she is working in a small south American country, she was invited to an Embassy function which she loved and met a government minister Hugh who has invited her to meet some of his friends at one of his houses. She has been picked up in one of the government cars. She is terribly naive which is what the Minister saw immediately, he liked the way she dresses very conservatively and he would like to see his friends enjoy taking advantage of her, if she complains, so what, the Police are paid by him!

There are 110 pictures in this story and the stockings are original Aristoc.

The Field Trip

  Mark has been ordered to do community service after he was caught painting a wall with graffiti, today he is meeting up with Denise who organises field trips for school kids, she teaches them about flora and forna, how frogs grow and what sort of bugs are found in fields and hedgerows etc. Mark is about to have his eyes opened!

Uniforms for a Casino

 Natacha works for a company that supplies uniforms particularly for casino's, the clothes have to be sophisticated and smart. Today she has a meeting with Conrad Evans owner of several exclusive clubs in London, a ladies man? Ofcourse, he is a stickler for detail and he ensures his ladies and gentlemen are meticulously turned out for his clients. Natacha knows his reputation, she has been briefed by her boss not to leave any detail to chance,  Conrad also likes to consider every eventuality, he particularly appreciates his suppliers to equally well prepared!

The Book Signing

 Rachel Hardy is signing copies of her new book in a hotel suite with one of her publishers assistants and a photographer. She laddered her tights on arrival on a chair, the hotel is away from any shops and she came by chauffeur driven car, she asked the receptionist if they had any tights she could buy, they produced some new ones that had been left in hotel rooms by guests but they are a large size! She was desperate she had to look right for the photographs and took both pairs. Left alone with the publishers photographer he is more than a little interested in taking pictures of her wrinkly stockings!!

There are 117 pictures in this story

Promotion with Conditions

Suzanne works for a large company with three offices in the city, it is friday afternoon and she has had lunch with Mr Martin Freeman one of the more senior regional directors. Martin is looking for a new PA secretary, he doesn't want the standard office dolly but someone with more class and savoir faire. Martin likes to use his authority for his benefit and does not like people who get in his way or question his directives and the  ladies?  He likes them  when he can use them to his advantage, where ever and when ever he deems it necessary!


The Emir's Driver

 We are in one of the small Arab States one of the Emir's drivers is taking Alexa home after hosting a fund raiser for a childrens charity. Alexa's husband is a Diplomat and they enjoy a life of privilege, end less rounds of Embassy party's and dinners, Alexa must look well dressed from head to toe, but she knows there are draw backs to this life style and for an Expat wife she has learnt that if the Emir wants one of the wives he will have her regardless of whether she is married or not and if she refuses or the Embassy complains the Emir will make life very difficult.

There are 112 pictures alongside the written story.

The Annual Camp

  Super fine original Christian Dior nylon stockings, the ones that your hands just don't want to stop stroking! Entiled "The Annual Camp" Madame Annie Lefevre is a smartly dressed mouse of a woman in the Church club offices, very straight laced woman, she likes the youngsters chatting to her, she enjoys all the joking and messing around they do. Tonight is the end of a fund raising day at their Annual camp, she is in one of the dining rooms to get herself a drink, when three of the older boys come and chat to her as she sits on the large table., they would love to run their hands up her dress given half the chance, will they get it?

There are 127 pictures alongside the written story


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