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The Elegant & Sophisticated original concept was to show viewers something completely different, a woman who is well groomed, beautifully dressed and ofcourse who wears real vintage nylon stockings and expensive pantyhose, her lingerie is ofcourse the very best Lise Charmel and Aubade. The second element was to add plausible stories to our picture sets so that you see the storyline unfold as you view. The third element to our concept is where we create these stories, we use our own houses which are as you will see very large old properties with lots of character and style, add to that the expensive cars principally Jaguars and 40' long (12 metres) horse transporters all belong to us occasionally we hire other houses or cars for a special photo shoot. We know when you visit this site it is about your viewing pleasure, we take that very seriously to bring you the teasing stories we hope you will enjoy and appreciate.

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Electrically Charged

 Sabrina is at home waiting for the electricity company to come and do a final inspection of some repair work that was carried out on the house, she had to take the afternoon off work as the company could not tell her what time the inspector would arrive, when he does things become Electrically Charged!!

There are 123 pictures alongside the written story.

The Waiting Room

  Denise the ever efficient secretary has three Arab businessmen in her office waiting to see her boss who has telephoned to say he is stuck in heavy traffic due to a bomb scare and all the roads have been shut down and he doesn't know how long he will be, but don't tell these men that he doesn't want them leaving just incase the traffic starts moving again. She can feel the eyes of the three man waiting in her office almost undressing her! One of the comes over and asks her what she is doing that evening, as he does he opens one of her desk draws revealing Denise's spare hosiery, he takes out the packets and looks at them touching her knee!

The Body Guard

 Lady Corby is rich, beautiful, bored and underappreciated by her diplomat husband.  But she’s not stupid. She flirts but never cheats. You can’t keep a title and an estate if you break the rules. So flirting has become an art form for the elegant aristocrat and the men who suffer most are those who must tolerate her merciless cock teasing without any recourse; her bodyguards!  But someday everyone must pay the piper and this day could be Lady Corby’s turn to let someone else call the tune in our latest story…..”The Bodyguard.”

The Blackmarketeer

 Sabrina has gone to one of their companies wholesalers instead of her husband today, she is all dressed to go out for lunch with her friends, when her husband said "Darling would you mind going to the Wholesalers for me as I have to see the Bank manager at 11am?" She couldn't very well refuse but at the same time this particular wholesaler is very different to all their others, though Sabrina has never met this man before, she knows that he does have some good money making offers, how he gets them no-one knows and it's best not to ask too many questions! She has driven their large van into the loading dock and was told to go and see the boss in his office. Nikos is only too pleased to welcome Sabrina, his eyes wide open with possibilities as you will see.

Paid in Full

 Beautiful and elegant Giselle Drambeaux is collateral for her husband’s considerable gambling debts. She is brought to Don Salvatore Ignatti by his two henchmen to pay off his loan with her body. That means that the two henchmen will soon be screwing this beautiful woman because everyone knows the old man can’t get his flag up the pole. Or can he? Giselle has her work cut out for her and a lot to lose in our latest story….”Paid in Full”       

The Scent Of Money

 Patrice DeSalle seems to outlast every boss she’s ever had. And this in spite of a constant rumour that her department seems to have a 200,000 EU error. Or is it an error at all? Maybe nothing is amiss? And if everything is OK why the chatter about missing funds? It is puzzlement. The new man, Maurice Guignol is sent to sort it all out. A beautiful woman, a financial mess, a lot of office gossip and …well you get the picture in our latest set,,, “The Scent of Money.”

The Good Samaritan

 Annmarie Voissant has teased family friend Marcel Doeure for years. Always within reach. Always unobtainable. But now a quite innocent Charity Ball has put Madame Voissant in peril. Perhaps it was her own fault? Perhaps she was simply a victim of bad luck? Who can tell? Who will save her reputation and her marriage?

This could be Marcel’s chance to be……..The Good Samaritan.

There are 120 pictures alongside the written story

The Employment Agency

 Vicky runs an employment agency, she is short of staff through sickness, she doesn’t normally do face to face interviews with clients but needs must as she fills the gaps in the appointment book. Vicky telephoned Greg to change his appointment time to 7pm he didn’t mind at all. The big question is are we seeing what actually happened or simply his fantasy?


Valentines Ball

Samantha has been invited to Valentines Ball for senior management and board directors. Samantha has the possibility to be elected to the board she knows that this night will be a sort of test and she also knows that it is preferred that Directors are married or at least have relationships, singles are generally frowned upon as unsuitable! Samantha needs a man for the evening that is plausible as a partner for her, someone that will pay her a lot of attention during the evening, who is able to converse with other management in their language and most of all that he looks good! Enter Robert from the accounts department, a vain self centred youngish man, good looking fancies himself with all the ladies! She phones down and asks him to meet her at her apartment this lunchtime, he is wondering why him at at her apartment.....Bizarre!!

There are 109 pictures alongside the written story.



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