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The Elegant & Sophisticated original concept was to show viewers something completely different, a woman who is well groomed, beautifully dressed and ofcourse who wears real vintage nylon stockings and expensive pantyhose, her lingerie is ofcourse the very best Lise Charmel and Aubade. The second element was to add plausible stories to our picture sets so that you see the storyline unfold as you view. The third element to our concept is where we create these stories, we use our own houses which are as you will see very large old properties with lots of character and style, add to that the expensive cars principally Jaguars and 40' long (12 metres) horse transporters all belong to us occasionally we hire other houses or cars for a special photo shoot. We know when you visit this site it is about your viewing pleasure, we take that very seriously to bring you the teasing stories we hope you will enjoy and appreciate.

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The Exhibition Hostess

 The Exhibition Hostess is next weeks great story. Being a normal Alpha male, exhibition halls are full of drop dead gorgeous women and for me the added bonus is seeing all the ladies gorgeous legs wearing fantastic hosiery! Sarah works for a large company who supplies hostesses to exhibition halls, this week she is away from home, here she is taking a break and wandering around the storage facility. "Hi I'm Phil, haven't seen you around here before, if you need anything come see me!" Phil tells her that some of his crew had already clocked her. Phil tells her to come back with Sonia and all the other hostesses after the exhibition closes tonight as one of the sponsors always gives them lots of drinks and champagne for their hard work setting up and to come as she is, the guys want to appreciate the ladies in their uniforms and it's always a great night no excuses!

There are 122 pictures alongside the written story

The Museum Curator

 Madame Collette Lacotte is the Curator of a well known museum  in Paris, she has been entertaining a Sheik from Jordan who is seeking her advice for the interior displays for their latest museum to be built. Being two people totally involved in antiquities, their conversation flows easily, they have been working solidly all day it's late afternoon and Collette invites Hassid to her flat for some tea to get away from the crowds and noise of the Museum. "Collette may I ask you some personal questions please say no if this is not a conversation you care to have, but I have recently taken a new wife and I want to bring her to Europe on a trip but she is from a tribe where she has only ever worn our National dress but I want her to integrate more when she comes over here by wearing clothes like you wear! Can you help me sort some clothes out for her?"

Escort Agency Request

  In Part I Brigitte has enrolled at an exclusive escort agency, her husband almost constantly travelling for his work she has convinced herself that she is lacking TLC. This agency prides itself on providing very good looking men but it is having to limit it's clientele and has decided to select the best women on their books not only for their looks but also their ability to pay and look after their escorts! A meeting has been arranged at a well known country hotel for the final places available in the hotels secluded garden where guests can have complete privacy via a locked electronic gate. The  big question about this company, are they grooming these women who will pay for sex to go out with other men who are also paying the company for partners so they get double the hit!

Part II A client has requested a lady dressed in vintage clothes and lingerie, he wants to take pictures of her. Piers immediately thought of Brigitte, she will be ideal, he rang her asking if she has or can lay her hands on the right lingerie etc. Brigitte told him to leave it to her to sort, she explains that she has some original Lyle stockings but will take some silky nylon ones along too.

There are 109 pictures in this story

Genuine or Fake

  Fiona Harrington is a fine art dealer, on the face of things a well respected business in the trade! Fiona sold a small oil painting to William Smyth who likes to think he is now a respectable business man but in reality he is the Arthur Daley of the area, if he can buy it cheap and make a big profit he is your man! William has been advised that the oil painting he bought from Fiona is a fake and he is not a happy man, maybe he would have been better to keep to his velvet reproductions of Elvis above his fireplace!

There are 105 pictures in this story and the grey stockings are Christian Dior Ultra Dior super fine stockings and the second pair are also Christian Dior with a seam all produced in the 1960's.

Rapid Promotion

 Jane Frisson has been in the Police for nearly 12 years and she has been stuck waiting for promotion simply because the Police Chief  was not in favour of more senior female police officers so Jane has always been passed over for promotion. The new Police chief ironically who has been in office only two weeks has reported a break in at his house! The finger print team has already visited and Jane has been told by her immediate boss to go and show the new chief that they are doing their jobs properly, the problem is that Jane was on her way to a party not too far away from the Police Chief's house, she is all dressed up ready for the party! What will the Chief make of his female Police officer, will she meet with his approval?

There are 133 pictures in this story

A Special Birthday Party

  Damien is back home from his studies, his photography course is going well, he has a fellow student with him Charlie who has heard about his photographic exploits with Nicole. Damien has the house to himself while his Parents have gone away for a few days, he remembered it was Nicole's birthday and decided to invite her for a party.....just the three of them!

The first pair of stockings are original Gerbe nylons, the second pair also are original 50's 60's nylons Weldrest American stockings

There are 122 pictures in this story

The Novelety Lingerie Saleswoman

 Emma specialises in lingerie sales to large office buildings rather than house to house which is tedious. First of all she has to persuade the management to allow her access to the staff in their break times, it can be extremely lucrative for her, selling particularly around St Valentines, Christmas and New Year sexy lingerie like stockings, baby dolls, basques and sex toys! Invariably it's men she must convince to allow her access to the building and today she is meeting Harry Lansdown.

There are 120 pictures in this story

The Promiscious Countess

  Lady Davina Turchville has just returned from the opening of the County Show with her husband who has retired back to the house for a rest. Lady Davina is after some entertainment and she knows where she can find it close to hand......the groundsmen on their Estate. She enters the workshops where the foreman is finishing off the staff duty rota's for the following week! She knows what she wants and how to get it, she has a fair quantity of fit men on her estate working for her, she enjoys walking through the maze of buildings around the workshops dressed to impress her staff, she's slim and very fit herself she can feel the mens eyes looking at her body she knows what most of them want to do with her and given the right opportunity she isn't afraid to have some hard sex with one or four of them at a time........she's bored with her husband! 


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