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Elegant & Sophisticated is different from any other site that you have seen!  You are visiting the first completely illustrated adult story site on the entire internet! If you like stockings then on this website you will see real nylon stockings NOT the modern copies that you see on every other site that appear to be nylon.....they are not the real thing, I have 50 pairs of original Aristoc stockings, I have a further 400 plus pairs of other original makes of nylons in all colours, if the stocking you see on a model goes up to her bottom they are modern copies and you could not wear those out for an evening....believe me they would be a disaster, twisting and turning on the ladies leg!! LOL So if you want authentic stockings look no further this is the place to see them!

Online already 14 years!!  I’ve looked all over the adult offerings on the world wide web and I concluded that something was missing. Nothing out there seemed to appeal to my brain. I think great sex is 75% mental and 25% physical. It seemed to me that most sites had simply given up on the 75% part. So I saw a great opportunity to give the thinking man and woman, people like you and me, a place to exercise our “grey matter!"




This Weeks News

19th October 2014

The Exhibition is over for the day, one of the main sponsors has thrown a party as he always does, everyone is welcome but more especially the hostesses!!  Then one of the other hostesses shouts to Phil asking who he wants to be tied up tonight for the fun night. His hand still on Sarah's knee he pulls some rope out and  dangles it in front of her " How about you tonight, we do this everytime we have a party and tie up loosely one of the hostesses and everyone comes and strokes her legs and over her dress ......more if she wants it!" he laughs "Do you fancy it, you'll love it I promise you!!"

18th October 2014

The Exhibition Hostess is next weeks great story. Being a normal Alpha male, exhibition halls are full of drop dead gorgeous women and for me the added bonus are seeing all the ladies gorgeous legs wearin fantastic hosiery! Sarah works for a large company who supplies hostesses to exhibition halls, this week she is away from home, here she is taking a break and wandering around the storage facility. "Hi I'm Phil, haven't seen you around here before, if you need anything come see me!" Phil tells her that some of his crew had already clocked her. Phil tells her to come back with Sonia and all the other hostesses after the exhibition closes tonight as one of the sponsors always gives them lots of drinks and champagne for their hard work setting up and to come as she is, the guys want to appreciate the ladies in their uniforms and it's always a great night no excuses!


15th October 2014

This could be the last time I post a story on this website!! We are very close to finishing the new site now, a matter of days now! All memberships will be transferred to the new website, so a completely new navigation, larger pictures than are possible on this site with HD movie clips from small to fullscreen size along with archive sets that most of you have never seen, even I was surprised how good they are! We are also adding a third payment processor GTBill, which also processes in GBP Sterling plus 25 other currencies, so your options are even better now for faster access to my Members area.

Todays new story the Museum Curator just shows how a simple conversation between two people can turn into something totally unexpected in "The Museum Curator."

14th October 2014

Do you think we could call the Sheik lucky or is Collette gullable and willing? if the Sheik really had no idea what lingerie to buy for his latest wife he certainly has some good ideas now!! LOL This is tomorrows new story The Museum Curator. 

11th October 2014

Collette Lacotte seems to be more than obliging when the Sheik asks if he can see more of the contents of her lingerie draws, even trying things on so he can see how they look on her including these black seamed stockings..............what do you think he will make of them......on Collette?

9th October 2014

Next week "The Museum Curator"    Madame Collette Lacotte is the Curator of a well known museum  in Paris, she has been entertaining a Sheik from Jordan who is seeking her advice for the interior displays for their latest museum to be built. Being two people totally involved in antiquities, their conversation flows easily, they have been working solidly all day it's late afternoon and Collette invites Nasim to her flat for some tea to get away from the crowds and noise of the Museum. " I have recently taken a new wife and I want to bring her to europe on a trip but she is from a tribe where she has only ever worn our National dress but I want her to integrate more when she comes over here by wearing clothes like you wear! Can you help me sort some clothes out for her?" How obliging will Collette be? Is Nasim really just wanting to talk about her clothes?

8th October 2014

PM Everyone is pretty pleased with todays new story!! Mike comments: I really like the new set. The vintage lingerie is very, very sexy, and the many rear views are terrific!!!!!! 

The Escort Agency Request is now posted on the main stocking page. In Part I Brigitte has enrolled at an exclusive escort agency, her husband almost constantly travelling for his work she has convinced herself that she is lacking TLC. This agency prides itself on providing very good looking men but it is having to limit it's clientele and has decided to select the best women on their books not only for their looks but also their ability to pay and look after their escorts! The client arrives at her house, so this man is paying to meet with a smart educated woman who is dressed in vintage lingerie, she is paying to meet with smart good looking men! Brigitte who didn't want to be left out, she has been on their books for some considerable time now, if she couldn't meet up with these good looking men she would be devastated, her husband is wealthy but he is too preoccupied with his work to give her the attention she feels she needs!

7th October 2014

PM I have just added four new galleries on My Friends page.

5th October 2014

This story will tickle your tonsils next week!! In Part I Brigitte has enrolled at an exclusive escort agency, her husband almost constantly travelling for his work she has convinced herself that she is lacking TLC. This agency prides itself on providing very good looking men but it is having to limit it's clientele and has decided to select the best women on their books not only for their looks but also their ability to pay and look after their escorts! A meeting has been arranged at a well known country hotel for the final places available in the hotels secluded garden where guests can have complete privacy via a locked electronic gate. The  big question about this company, are they grooming these women who will pay for sex to go out with other men who are also paying the company for partners so they get double the hit!

 Part II This week, A client has requested a lady dressed in vintage clothes and lingerie, he wants to take pictures of her. Piers immediately thought of Brigitte, she will be ideal, he rang her asking if she has or can lay her hands on the right lingerie etc. Brigitte told him to leave it to her to sort, she explains that she has some original Lyle stockings but will take some silky nylon ones along too.

1st October 2014

PM Wow lots of new Members this morning to see this weeks new story!!  I have just added two new galleries to my Friends page.

There are fools to be tolerated in every business, the question is how much do you tolerate these people? William Smyth is no exception he wouldn't know a gift horse even when it looked him in the face and Fiona is at a loss as to how to placate him. He bought a genuine piece of art from her gallery, he was very satisfied with the price until a so called friend told him he had seen the genuine article somewhere else, he didn't consider for one moment that the other one might be the fake! Genuine or Fake is this weeks new story posted on the main stocking page.

30th September 2014

William unbuttons her jacket stroking her silky slip, in his little world he is going to make her pay big time for trying to con him into buying this painting, the more he touches her the more he's enjoying being in control of her!! 

29th September 2014

 Fiona tells him straight the painting is genuine, but William won't have it he yanks her skirt down and strokes her cheeks......"Now we can do this the easy way or the hard way!" He points at her again " You are an attractive woman Fiona BUT my men here would quite enjoy pleasuring you and believe me I am not bluffing!"



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