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Elegant & Sophisticated is different from any other site that you have seen!  You are visiting the first completely illustrated adult story site on the entire internet! If you like stockings then on this website you will see real nylon stockings NOT the modern copies that you see on every other site that appear to be nylon.....they are not the real thing, I have 50 pairs of original Aristoc stockings, I have a further 400 plus pairs of other original makes of nylons in all colours, if the stocking you see on a model goes up to her bottom they are modern copies and you could not wear those out for an evening....believe me they would be a disaster, twisting and turning on the ladies leg!! LOL So if you want authentic stockings look no further this is the place to see them!

Online already 14 years!!  I’ve looked all over the adult offerings on the world wide web and I concluded that something was missing. Nothing out there seemed to appeal to my brain. I think great sex is 75% mental and 25% physical. It seemed to me that most sites had simply given up on the 75% part. So I saw a great opportunity to give the thinking man and woman, people like you and me, a place to exercise our “grey matter!"




This Weeks News

28th August 2014

"The Promiscious Countess" is next weeks story, she knows what she wants and how to get it, she has a fair quantity of fit men on her estate working for her, she enjoys walking through the maze of buildings around the workshops dressed to impress her staff, she's slim and very fit herself she can feel the mens eyes looking at her body she knows what most of them want to do with her and given the right opportunity she isn't afraid to have some hard sex with one or four of them at a time........she's bored with her husband! 

 Lady Davina Turchville has just returned from the opening of the County Show with her husband who has retired back to the house for a rest. Lady Davina is after some entertainment and she knows where she can find it close to hand......the groundsmen on their Estate. She enters the workshops where the foreman is finishing off the staff duty rota's for the following week!

27th August 2014

PM So many great comments today here is just one Hi Claudine. I just wanted to let you know today's story was one of your best yet, Today's story was done to perfection!! Thankyou Barry"

I do like these teacher stories, there are so many possibilities to the story lines, the sweet and innocent teacher conservatively dressed to the young student with his first encounter with a mature woman with rampant needs! It is clear that some new members are surprised by the clothes I wear in these sets compared with other sites but as many of you know that is the essence of this site......variation!

The Teachers Assessment II can be found on the main stocking page: Alex had a surprise treat with his teacher in her study, last time, she had arrived straight from a Governors meeting a little flustered, looking very smart in her knee length boots and flowing skirt. She changed into some shoes in front of him, her zipper getting caught in the suede leather of the boot, she couldn't remove it without his help.One thing led to another as he appreciated her legs discovering that she did indeed wear nylon stockings in class, a question all the boys had been asking for a very long time! Today Jane Summers has invited Alex to her apartment supposedly for another chat about his grades which surprised him as he is top of his class....what can she want?

26th August 2014

Alex ogles her legs as she bends over her desk looking at his file wondering if he will get the opportunity to feel her legs again like last time!

24th August 2014

17.00 I have just updated My Friends Page with 2 videos and two photo galleries.....Enjoy!!

21st August 2014

For those of you who didn't see this weeks new story........well you missed out on a great set of pictures, there are weeks when I have a few comments from Members and others like this week when the wires are buzzing with appreciation!! So to next week "The Teachers Assessment II" Alex has come back to his teachers apartment this time after their little surprise play around when he had a meeting with her in her study to discuss his grades, they were interrupted as another student arrived for their appointment when things were just getting interesting, this time she has ensured that they will not be interupted

20th August 2014

This weeks new story is posted entitled "The Lost Crew Bag" you will soon find out why Emma is so keen to retrieve her suitcase!

19th August 2014

Wednesday is new set day "The Lost Crew Bag" Emma mislaid her crew bag on her last stop over here, losing any baggage with an airline is a pain but she has more than one reason to be concerned! Emma enjoys light bondage and back home she cannot find anywhere to satisfy her needs except when she visits this island where she found a man who she can trust to abuse her nicely! She got an email telling her that her bag had been found and to meet up to retrieve it, she was so relieved if this got out amongst the crew or the company she doesn't know how she would cope with the embarrassment. Her directions took her to a building on the perimeter of the airport which didn't seem odd as most lost luggage places are out of the airport complex.

16th August 2014

The men who found the crew bag of our lovely stewardess Emma discovered that she enjoys some light bondage and her sex toys, then as they tease her with the contents of her bag they decide to put her through her paces....all three of them...."First of all she says please put the balaclava on for me I like the excitement of being taken like that!" The men are only too pleased to oblige her! 

15th August 2014

PM  I have just added three new galleries on "My Friends Page" including one of mine!



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